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The zCDC Zombie-Safe Program:

Our Zombie-Safe program consists of several critical elements in preventing Zombie outbreaks and well as protecting yourself in the event that a Zombie outbreak or Zombie Apocalypse does occur. Become familiar with Zombie-safe, make it a part of your daily life and share this valuable resource with everyone you know!

~~LoVe nEvEr SToPs~~
VinothChandar / Foter / CC BY

Be Educated!

Learn everything you can about Zombies, Zombie Flu and how you can prevent contraction and spread of the infection.


Be Empowered!

Equip yourself to survive, avoid contracting the Zombie infection and arm yourself with the tools required to defend yourself in the event of an outbreak.


Be Aware!

Know the signs and symptoms of infection by the Zombie Flu, know how to spot a zombie and know what you can do to in every circumstance.


Proactively Prevent!

Be proactive in defending against outbreaks, educate others with what you know about Zombies and most importantly, learn how to distinguish Zombie Facts from Zombie Fiction!


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